GR is an international academic journal intends to publish original research carried out in the field of natural and human resources, environmental sciences and allied subjects. The manuscripts are invited from the different parts of the world. The following format should be followed in order to maintain the uniformity.

1. The manuscript should be typed (MS word format) in 1.25 space, font size of 11 Arial on one side of the Letter size paper with one inch margin on all side. It should not exceed eleven printed pages or 2100 words. The pages should be number consecutively. There should be clearly indicating Title, Subtitle, Name of Author(s), Institutions, Email address, Contact address etc. The structure of the paper should consist of Introduction, analysis, conclusion and references.

2. An abstract explaining scope, methodology and major findings of the study comprising 100-150 words should be given before the main text. Title and sub titles have to be brief and precise.

3. The titles of the paper, the initials and name/s of the author/s along with email and contact address should be given on the cover page and not on the first page of the paper.

4. The authors are requested to submit manuscript through email including tables, maps and figures, properly labelled and referred in the text in MS word file. The author must ensure clear print of the maps and figures as these are not to be redrawn by the editor. Tables, maps and figures should be number consecutively.

5. References should be cited in the text in brackets by the last name of author with year of publication and listed at the end of text in alphabetical order.

6. Author alone are responsible for the views expressed in their papers and for obtaining permission for copy right material if used.

7. Author/s should send their manuscript accompanied by a letter certifying that the paper had not been published elsewhere.

8. Acceptance by Review Committee will be notified immediately.

9. There is no fee for paper publication. If the paper is selected and published, the author will have to subscribe for the hard copy of the journal as no free copy will be provided by the publisher. All authors are mandatory to subscribe the journal atleats one year.  However, the free soft copy can be downloaded from the website’s online publication at