We cordially invite you to contribute a research paper/article in the peer reviewed international journal ‘Journal of Global Resources’ (JGR) ISSN: 2395-3160 (Print), ISSN: 2455-2445 (Online). The journal “JOURNAL OF GLOBAL RESOURCES” ISSN: 2395-3160  (Print)  was listed in UGC approved journals in 2017-18 (Journal No. 62700).  The journal was also listed in UGC-CARE list group D (2019). Our nine issues have been published and are available on our website www.isdesr.org

The soft copies of our earlier published issues are available on our website www.isdesr.org.  Please send your original paper by 21st  September for January issue and 21st  March for July issue every year. Please submit your manuscripts online www.isdesr.org or via e-mail to: [email protected]l.com