Current issue – Volume 08  (02), July 2022

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Trend Analysis of Ground-Water Level to Assess Vulnerability of Groundwater in Chittar Sub Basin of Tamirabharani River Basin in Tamil Nadu State

DOI: 10.46587/JGR.2022.v08i02.001

Meena Sakthivel Pandian, Sridhar N., Chinju Saju and Athira PDownload

Dam Impact on Water Quality and Morphometric Characteristic of Schizothorax Species in Bhagirathi River of Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

DOI: 10.46587/JGR.2022.v08i02.002

Poonam Tiwari and
*Mahidhar Prasad Tiwari

Child Marriages in Bangladesh: Assessing Through the Lens of Social and Behavioural Change: A Qualitative Review


Deepak Gupta, Badrul Hassan, and  Jai P. Narain Download

Economic Benefits from Protected Areas for Biodiversity and Biocultural Conservation


Mahmood Yekeh YazdandoostDownload

Spatial Relationship Between Land-Use Land Cover with Soil Erosion in The Narmada Basin Using Sentinel 2 Image: Assessing the Performance of RF Machine Learning Classifier

DOI: 10.46587/JGR.2022.v08i02.005

Vinay Raikwar, Pramod Pagare and Aminu Abdulwahab Download

Micromorphological, Histological and Phytochemical Characterization of Seagrasses Cymodocea Serrulata and Syringodium Isoetifolium of Palk Bay Region, Tamilnadu

DOI: 10.46587/JGR.2022.v08i02.006

Jaya Durga Jaisankar and Arumugam Ramasubramanian Download

Analysing the Status of Water Resources and their Conservation: Key Strategies for Sustainable Development In Mahoba District of Uttar Pradesh (India)

DOI: 10.46587/JGR.2022.v08i02.007

D. S. Yadav and G. S. Chauhan Download

Issues and Challenges of Real Estate Sector with Special reference to Housing: A Case Study of Urban India


Rashmi Rani AnandDownload

 A Geospatial Study of Trends and Patterns of Biophysical Transformation in the State of Uttarakhand, India

DOI: 10.46587/JGR.2022.v08i02.009

Sandesh Yadav and Shams Perwaiz Download

Population Dynamics and Economic Growth in Maharashtra State

DOI: 10.46587/JGR.2022.v08i02.010

Rashmi and Narayani GogoiDownload

Evaluation of Surplus Crop Residue Biomass Energy Sector: India

DOI: 10.46587/JGR.2022.v08i02.011

Gopal SonkarDownload

Delineation of Potential Biodiversity Area in outside Forests of available Protected Areas

DOI: 10.46587/JGR.2022.v08i02.012

Praveena Dev and Reshmi V.Download

A Study of Corrosion Inhibition Effect of Pyridine Based Schiff Base on Iron Metal in 0.5M HCL


Navin Maharia, Sanjay Kumar and  V. K. SwamiDownload

Exotic Flora of IGNP Command Area of Thar Desert of Churu District, Rajasthan

DOI: 10.46587/JGR.2022.v08i02.014  

Neha Sharma, Kaushal Kumar Gautam and Mushtaq Ahmad Khan Download

Issues and Challenges of School Education: An Indian Scenario


Ramavtar Jat and Puneet GautamDownload

COVID-19 Nationwide Lockdown of 2020- Observations on Prominent Pollutant in The Coastal Cities of Chennai and Mumbai


Priyanka PuriDownload

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